20 Things, Week 4

This week I’ve done a fair bit of work. I just finished a blog post on Currency localisation which I’ve had on the back burner for some time - now I remember why, even writing that post gave me a headache. Currency formatting is a giant mess, as the formatting tables for most locales are pretty incomplete.

I’ve also made some significant progress on Feather (my Twitter app). It now loads a timeline feed and a mentions feed, and saves & loads those to a local database so that they’re pre-populated with the most recent data received when you first load the app. It can also post a new tweet (just a very basic EditText in a dialog at the moment), as well as Favourite/Unfavourite and Retweet tweets.

The next step with Feather is to build a proper New Tweet dialog fragment, so it can handle Replys/New Tweets/quotes/share intents. Onwards!