20 Things, Week 6

In case you missed it, the Android Daydream I linked to in last weeks post didn’t actually go up until Wednesday - and the blog post (though dated Monday October 28, when I wrote it) didn’t go up until Tuesday. It was quite late on Monday, and the OS X Mavericks update meant my usual site deployment procedure (rake generate, rake deploy) didn’t work. I had to run rake as sudo for some reason (suspect it was something to do with Ruby in the new OS X?), which changed read permissions on everything, then when I tried to deploy, I had to do it as sudo again, and my Github SSH key is for my user, so that didn’t work. I gave up for the evening and went to bed. I managed to revert everything on Tuesday night, and I’m back to my regular deployment process.

So after all that, and the fact that I didn’t actually finish the Week 5 code until Wednesday, I had a fairly short Week 6 - especially as Battlefield 4 came out on Friday. I spent most of my spare time over the weekend playing that, knowing I had to come up with something before Monday night.

What I’ve done this week is a very small thing: I’ve installed a new Octopress theme for my site - Slash. I like this theme a lot better than the default - the social media icons at the top, the font size and style, the layout. I’ve also now got working ‘share’ buttons at the bottom of each post, which is a nice change. In my original list of 20+ Things, I suggested “Fixing the Twitter stream” down the side - instead, I’ve gotten rid of it, and gone for this new style.