20 Things, Week 11

Once again, nothing to present this week. I’ve continued looking into this bug in KitKat that I mentioned last week; I’ve spent most of my time trying to replicate it in a minimal amount of code. This included exploring the OkHttp tests (which was… an interesting exercise), and modifying the sample code provided for the original bug whose fix I suspect introduced this problem.

Despite all this, I’ve still been unable to reproduce it except via a Twitter stream (which requires a bit more setup than a chunked encoding HTTP connection without encoding - and so I’ve been avoiding this in the minimal time I’ve had to try this).

Additionally, I lost a bit of motivation part way through the week with news that 4.4.1 is just around the corner - if the bug is fixed in that release, I won’t bother working on it anymore! Unfortunately, as of this writing, there’s still no Nexus 7 2012 image available.