20 Things, Weeks 13 and 14

You may have noticed (heh, who am I kidding - no one is sitting around waiting for these captivating posts) that I missed week 13 of my 20 Things, 20 Weeks project. I could make excuses about it being Christmas, and being super busy, but that’d be a lie. I was probably playing Hearthstone.

This post is a couple of days late as well - I had the mindset that if I’ve already missed one, what’s one more? But I woke up this morning determined to get this out of the way.

So, what’ve I done the last 2 weeks? Well for Week 13, I wasn’t ready by the end of Monday with my code - I got it checked in on Christmas Eve, one day late for my Monday deadline. I added a fairly basic widget to What’s Shaking, NZ? - it shows the magnitude, depth and time of the latest earthquake. This would’ve been in earlier, except I had some trouble getting it to do what I wanted when the user turned the background service off, as well as a bit of messing around getting the sizing right across devices. I’m actually a lot happier with the code in the final solution, so while it was frustrating at the time I’m almost glad I encountered that problem. Certainly I’ll know for next time!

Speaking of next time - Week 14! I’ve started work on the “global” version of What’s Shaking?, which is coming along nicely. I think I’ll count my current progress (which is downloading earthquakes from USGS, storing them locally rather than in-memory like WSNZ, and displaying them in a list from the database) as a “Thing”. It is technically usable, and I feel it’s a good base to build a much nicer app on top of, though that’ll take a bit of time. I’ve been writing it in Android Studio too, which is really nice - and seems to now be stable enough to use, I’ve had no troubles with it. I feel that this new version can be a much better application than WSNZ; I have (literally) years of experience that I didn’t have when I first started WSNZ.

Additionally, I’ve finally added a proper open-source licenses page to WSNZ - using the sample license page code I released a few weeks ago! Hurray! Unfortunately, I can’t release this update (with the widget and licenses page) as I can’t get Eclipse to export a signed APK. I’m certainly not the only one with this problem, but I’ve spent the last hour fighting Eclipse to build a release APK and it simply refuses. Hearthstone time, then. ‘Til next week!