20 Things, Week 15

I checked in some code every day this week. That being said, I don’t really have a ‘Thing’ that I’ve done. Turns out that I’m running out of ideas for small, week-long projects. My plan to do some small things and even a bigger project over my 2 week break didn’t work out so well - Christmas takes up a lot of time, and there was plenty of other things to do in my time off, too.

So while I haven’t done any one thing worthy of note, some of the stuff I have done (these are mostly quite trivial):

  • Implemented PullToRefresh library
  • Implemented the Crouton library for toasts
  • Decided that loading 1000+ items with ORMLite to back a ListView was not a good idea and actually got around to writing the plumbing code to use a Cursor
  • Added a check for ‘last checked date’ so we now query for the smallest number of quakes