20 Things, Week 16

I had my first open-source pull request merged this week, into Dogr.io.

This was actually a bit of a pain - I’ve never used Node before, and some of the dependencies for this app were a bit of trouble. I had to have a certain Visual Studio & Windows SDK installation on my Windows machine, so rather than bother with that I tried it on my Macbook, where an old installation of Macports got in the way. Eventually everything was there, and then Node was easy. Would like to play with it more in future.

The problem I was having with OkHttp a few weeks back might finally be about to be resolved - I got a reply from Jesse from Square, though the fix that he’s implemented doesn’t actually solve my problem. It’s blocking on the InputStream.read() call, and the timeout check comes after this has returned.

Finally, something else I’ve managed this week is to continue checking something in to Github every day - am up to an 18 day streak with this post.