20 Things, Week 18

Last week I wrote a Sudoku solver script in Python. That was fun and all, but as my girlfriend pointed out - it’s not really usable for, er, well, most people. So this week I decided to make it a bit more versatile and build it into a service, with a website to go with it. It’s currently up on Github and once I’ve added some polish to the website (heh, it’s pretty awful right now) I’ll get it up on App Engine.

Since this is week 18, and I’m nearly at the end of the 20 Things, 20 Weeks project, I’ve counted up the number of distinct “things” I’ve done. I’ll do a full recap at the end of the 20 Weeks, but for now, I’m at 17/18 “things”, if I count my partially-working Twitter client, and even at 18/18 if I count the time I spent working on figuring out the KitKat Twitter streaming bug (which I still haven’t solved). That’s a lot better than I thought I was doing - I thought I was 4 or 5 behind.

Also, I’ve managed to keep that Github streak going - now at 31 days!